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The Leopard is a mobile tank that should excel in accuracy and somewhat in DPM. Unfortunately, corridor maps limit how useful the extra ~10 km/h top speed you get over other meds is, it's more just about hp/t. It then has no armour, punishing it massively when it attempts to peak. The DPM is actually below average compared to other tier 10 meds, and the thing suffers ammo rack damage immensely furthering the problem on most games you take more than 1 shot How to play the Leopard 1? An excellent tier X medium, with a great gun on the most mobile gun platform on tier X. Full statistics shown and the review inclu.. Today I break down my thought process while playing the leopard one. If you enjoy the content please feel free to subscribe! Check out my discord server! ️. I think I am like 1.75-1 K/D in my Tiger 2 Sla.16 and I am like 0.8 or 0.9-1 in the Leopard 1. Most people I have asked for advice on it (many more RB games then I have) also have negative K/D in it. It is a very difficult tank to play for the exact reasons you mention... if you go right to the fight anyone can kill you, if you flank on map edges the game is over before you make an impact. I have done well on it on a select few maps in a select few situations... I had a 6 kill. The Leopard 1 can quickly position itself in advantageous sniping positions, positions which also often make great use of its very high 410m view range (only the M48A5 Patton is better in this category). All of this rolled into a single package makes it a threat from any distance, able to reliably hit weak points with its high penetration 105mm cannon, remain hidden while doing so, and re-position quickly to either get a new shot or retreat to a safe distance. In this role and for.

Ehh, this is something that should be followed very loosely. The Leopard is all about its mobility (the highlight being the reverse speed, seriously, I'd say that's the strongest part of the tank) and once you get the hang of it, you should abuse it to the fullest. Use your mobility to find a great spot to shoot tanks from, and use that mobility to get the fuck out after killing one or two. They'll just come back in planes and murder the shit out of you. And always Use your speed to get to a nice sniping/spotting position and fire away. Also remember, don't get shot. Whatever you do, don't get shot. The Leo 1 is going to play the same way except you have more positioning options due to the improved gun depression

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  1. g Tigers, it won't turn out well
  2. 6 Right riding out with sidescrap (using the side armor) Purple rectangle shows the difference gained by angling the front armor. When angling, the side of the vehicle should be hidden behind an obstacle. You should XXX less when in open to avoid unnecessary risk of damaging the side
  3. Help me develop the channel and support me https://goo.gl/cSXSx9 [NEW] Visit my merch store: https://teespring.com/nl/stores/marti... Help me reach 12,000 s..
  4. The Leopard 1 can fill two main roles to great effectiveness. One's first thought when looking at the Leopard one is the role of a sniper, and it is an excellent sniper indeed. Boasting the most accurate gun in the game(Until the replacement of the end tier autoloader god, the wte100, with the grille 15), it combines high accuracy, good alpha damage, and good DPM, all on a highly mobile, fairly well camouflaged tank. The Leo 1 can quickly position itself in advantageous sniping positions.
  5. Thanks and SUBCRIBE channel to get more videos !!!The Leopard 1 is a German tier 10 medium tank.Main battle tank I hope you can learn some tips from videos
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Leopard 1 (Tier 10) Topping this tank line is the Leopard 1 which as its name implies is an upgraded version of the previous tank. Tank wise is plays identically to the tier 9 Leopard and primarily sees improvements coinciding with being 1 tier higher. Most importantly you can one extra degree of gun depression and 10m of view range. On top of that the terrain resistances are much better and the top speed forward/backward is higher too Myth 1 Light tank are scouts. Fact is, you don't need to be a light tank in order to scout. Medium tanks and even tank destroyers can act as scouts too. Myth 2 Light tanks have the greatest view range. Fact is, many heavy tanks and even artillery and tank destroyers can see further than light tanks. Myth 3 Light tanks are the fastest units in the game. Fact is, many medium tanks are just as fast as light tanks. Take the VK1602 Leopard which many consider as the best scouts in the game. The World of Tanks Leopard 1 is a German tier 10 medium tank. Leopard 1: A Mobile Sniper. Since its introduction in World of Tanks, we've been considering th... Leopard 1: A Mobile Sniper Peek-A-Boo GoodDispersion goodDispersion on the move goodPower/Weight Ratio goodSpeed Backwards goodAiming Arc good. You hide behind a cover, fully reload your gun, pre-aim and sneak out just for a second to make one damaging shot. Before enemy realizes you are hidden again. Decent mobility and aiming stabilization and you surely can pull. On Track For Mar. 2-16: Leopard 1; On Track For Mar. 16-30: T57 Heavy Tank; On Track For Mar. 30-Apr. 13: Object 268; On Track For Apr. 13-27: T110E5; On Track For Apr. 27-May 11: Centurion Action X; On Track For May 11-28: Bat.-Châtillon 25 t; On Track for May 30-June 11: IS-7; On Track For June 13-July 2: FV4005 Stage II; On Track for July 4-23: T110E

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The STB-1 has firepower and mobility compared to the Leopard 1. It also can be compared to the M48A1 since it has somewhat relevant armor, great gun depression, and overall reliability. You would think that taking the best of these two tanks will make a flawless tank but then you would be wrong. While the STB-1 does improve upon the firepower and gun depression of it's rivals it still lacks. Be the top player on your team by total damage blocked by armour (Restriction! Block 1.000 HP of damage) Thumbnail youtube Top 3 Tech Tree WOT Tanks of Each Tier - My Most Enjoyable Non-Premium Tanks in World of Tanks Thumbnail youtube Top 3 Premium WOT Tanks of Each Tier - My Most Enjoyable Premiums in World of Tanks Thumbnail youtube WOT Gun Dispersion Test Workshop - Gun Precision Myth. Posted By: WoT Guru June 1, 2014 The first heavy tank for the American branch is the T1 heavy tank at tier 5. The T1 is an odd looking tank that doesn't look like other tanks in the game aside from it's relative the M6 heavy tank

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  1. Blitz Leopard 1 - read more about Leopard 1, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and androi
  2. Refer a Friend in World of Tanks - detailed information about how to recruit a friend in WoT, become a part of the free to play mmo military tank game for p
  3. Be the top player in the battle by damage caused. Cause 4.000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles. Survive the battle. Jagdpanzer E 100, E 100, Grille 15. Bloc-13 : The Collector : Destroy 6 enemy vehicles of 2 different types. Destroy all enemy vehicles / capture or defend base. Survive the battle : Any tier 7+ Ger/JP. Bloc-14 : Sticks and Stones : Cause a total of 3.000 HP of damage to enemy.

World of Tanks on Console is a free-to-play, team-based MMO dedicated to strategic armored warfare in the mid-20th century How to Play the Leopard 1 - posted in Medium Tanks: Hi guys! I just posted the newest replay video on my channel, and this time it features the Leopard 1

Leopard 1 13 kills, 9

Wenn man den Leopard 1 als Germany's Topmodel bezeichnet, dann ist das absolut nicht gelogen. Aber er ist ja nicht nut Toptier, nein er ist ein wirklich toller Panzer und macht wirklich Spaß zu spielen. An alle die diesen noch nicht haben, sollten sich den Techtree mal ansehen aber davor schaut euch das Video an Für mich ist der Leopard 1 einer der schönsten Panzer überhaupt im Spiel und daher ist es schön diesen mal wieder in Aktion zu sehen. Dabei gibt es eine Runde mit dem 10er Medium und reichlic Besser als mit einem Leopard 1 kann die Woche doch gar nicht starten und wenn es dann noch eine Runde ist, bei der wir über 11000 Schaden sehen, spätestens dann sollten wir zufrieden sein. Also schaut dem Leo über die Schulter wie er es anstellt und zählt einfach mal die Hits mit die er macht um auf seinen Schaden zu kommen

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63 votes, 30 comments. 100k members in the WorldofTanks community. World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Consider both the Leopard 1's and the M48 Patton's playstyles, and where the best places to position those tanks are on the battlefield. Try to find the middle ground between both of those tanks. The STB-1 excels in versatility, and to properly play it, you can't waste its potential always going hulldown or always sniping, because there's better tanks for that, namely the two I mentioned Main battle tank of the Federal Republic of Germany. Development was started in 1956. The first prototypes were built in 1965 at the Krauss-Maffei factory. The Leopard 1 saw service in the armies of more than 10 countries. Leopard 1 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior For example, you are on live oaks, and you go toward the south east corner, expecting the object 140, amx 50 b, leopard 1, t62a, some scouts and a t44. But it turns out the 140, t62a, 50b are spotted north and you see a lonely leopard 1 on your flank. Destroy him before north collapses (make sure you team can cover you if things go wrong). If you can follow and take advantage of map situations. Myth 1 Light tank are scouts. Fact is, you don't need to be a light tank in order to scout. Medium tanks and even tank destroyers can act as scouts too. Myth 2 Light tanks have the greatest view range. Fact is, many heavy tanks and even artillery and tank destroyers can see further than light tanks. Myth 3 Light tanks are the fastest units in the game. Fact is, many medium tanks are just as.

Invite Codes for WoT - full information on wargaming invite codes, redeemed by players of the award-winning free mmo gam MS-1 How to Play Parody (Wargaming) April 2, 2020. MS-1 Returns Parody (Wargaming) April 1, 2020. AFK Players Parody (APC227) March 17, 2020. Wargaming Developer on Talkshow Parody (DoubleGi) March 3, 2020. Funny Moments #32 (WoTPlayers) April 22, 2021. Funny Moments #31 (WoTPlayers) April 21, 2021. WTF Moments - Fails & Glitches (Justforlol) April 16, 2021. Funny Moments #45(WoTFly) April 8. Le Leopard 1 marque la fin de la branche des moyens Allemand. Modules / Équipements et Consommables disponibles. Modules . Canons. Rang Canon Pénétration moyenne (mm) Dégâts moyens (PS) Cadence de tir (coups/minute) Dispersion (à 100m) Temps de visée (s) Poids (kg) Prix 10,5 cm Bordkanone L7A3 278/323/105 420/420/510 6.45 0.29 1.7 290000 Tourelles. Rang Tourelle Blindage (avant/flancs.

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Leopard 1. Unique-tanks-that-are-both-strat-and-map-dependent Tier. You probably won't be playing every night, but hey, tank locking is still a thing... so just maybe. AMX 50 B Upcoming buff coupled with nerf of the T57 might make this swap places with the T57 (I sure hope so because the 50B is fucking awesome). T110E4. Obj. 263. Obj. 261. Tanks that are weaseling their way into top tier clan. The Leopard (or Leopard 1) is a main battle tank designed and produced by Porsche in West Germany that first entered service in 1965. Developed in an era when HEAT warheads were thought to make conventional heavy armour of limited value, the Leopard focused on firepower in the form of the German-built version of the British L7 105-mm gun, and improved cross-country performance that was. World of Tanks, ein teambasiertes MMO-Panzerkampfspiel von Wargaming. Auf PC spielen und die Panzerkriegsführung in über 600 Fahrzeugen des 20. Jh. meistern Ahegao Leopard 1 Skin [] Skins / April 25, 2020 April 25, 2020 / Guine19 / No Comments Over a Month of work finally done, here you go, this was a request by a friend

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The design of the VK 16.02, known as the Leopard, was based on the Panzer II Ausf. J (VK 16.01) and Panzer II Ausf. M (VK 13.01) that had been developed earlier. A dummy vehicle was ready in May-June 1942, and the first prototype was built by September 1, 1942. According to Panzerprogramm 41, that provided for the manufacturing of 339 vehicles (105 by December 1943 and 150 by the middle of. Everyone at some point has to play one of these, for most if not all of us, these small, humble little pieces of outdated tech were our first steps into tanking, and only very rarely would you encounter a heavy tank, often a medium, but even then, none of these tanks really could absorb a shot and not take damage, at tier 1, it's all about fire rate and/or explosive filler, as usually it's a. 10.1 Leopard Prototyp A. 10.2 Object 430. 11 Top Tanks in Tier 10. 11.1 T110E3. 11.2 Super Conqueror. 12 And the winner is 13 What's the best Tank in World of Tanks? Within World Of Tanks, there is no such thing as a perfect tank. Each machine has its perks and its issues. Granted some of the tanks on offer have a great deal more going for them than others. However, there is always a tank. World of Tanks 4k Gameplay: Object 430U - 19272 wn8 - 5 kills - 11k4 damage Server: EU Battle Mode: Random Battle Client version: 1.5.1 Player: kev560boys WOT 4k Gameplay July 30, 2019 World of Tanks Bonus Codes by WOT Community - Share & Use WOT Codes with WOT Players from all around the world - Please leave Thumbs UPWARDS or DOWN whether the WOT bonus code still works (No Login required!). EU - European Union | NA & LATAM - North & Latin America | RU - Russia | ASIA & ANZ - Asia & Australia. World of Tanks Bonus Codes - please note that as we receive and find.

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Stb-1 is much better post buff, can recommend it, and I kept (but rarely play) the tier 8 as I liked it. Don't know about the tier 9 though. The tier 10 is similar the the Swedish tier 10 med so if you're going to grind them you could skip it Wieso wird der Leopard 1 nicht vom Leopard 2 abgelöst? - posted in Mittlere Panzer: Guten Tag, mal die deutschen Panzer angeguckt und festgestellt das es schon lange einen Leopard 2 gibt. Aber wieso wird der Leopard 1 nicht vom Leopard 2 in WoT abgelöst? MFGIncend Check out our player to player marketplace now! Get your WOT Account Safely. Transacting with other players through the PlayerAuctions marketplace is safe and secure. Thanks to our PlayerGuardian Trading Protections, we ensure that all World of Tank Account offers are genuine and that each purchase has been delivered before disbursement is issued. There are so many reasons why trading at.

3D Styles [] mod for World of Tanks. Good Luck In Battle Leopard 1. Statistics for the Leopard 1, Tier X, Medium, Germany, calculated at 5/3/2021 . Data is computed every week, using the battles of the clan's members that this site tracks. This is not the whole picture, be advised Download 104 Sixth Sense Sounds [] Improved Night Mod [] Icons , Other , User Interface / October 25, 2020 October 25, 2020 / lucas30 / No Comment Whats is World of Tanks player's efficiency or staistics? E 50 Ausf. M, Leopard 1, США: США: М-48 Patton, Т57 Heavy, Japan: STB-1, China: Heavy 113, WZ-111 model 5A. Why do you need statistics? Statistics of the World of Tanks is simply necessary for strategic decisions. Checking the statistics of WoT players, you can estimate the approximate strength of the team, and take. 08.12.2015 - WoT - Как играют статисты - Бой на Объект 430 (Воин, Игра с подписчиками) Карта ФьордыWoT - How to play extras - Fight on object 430 (Warrior, Play with sub..

Just when you thought the leopard 1 wont get a buff - posted in Fanzone: this is some serious buff W Play Your Tank Classes Right This Weekend! Missions. May ×5 Bundles Are Here! Premium Shop Offers. Daily Deals Are Back! Premium Shop Offers [Video] Do You Hate Arty? Videos. Get Lots of Gold & More in WoT's Next's T-shirt Design Contest! Contests Discuss. 76th Anniversary of Victory Day in Europe! Announcements Discuss. Special VE Day Offers Premium Shop Offers Discuss. Steel Hunter 2021. May 4, 2018 - 14 kills per battle World of Tanks one against ten on the British tier 3 light tank Cruiser Mk. IV. In game, tank Cruiser Mk. IV has excellent gun depression.. PANZERKUNDE Hallo Leute, Panzerkunde soll EUCH helfen, alle in World of Tanks vorhandenen Fahrzeuge JEDER Nation und JEDER Klasse kennenzulernen. Hier Könnt ihr euch mit Spielcharakteristiken von Panzern und Artillerie mit Einer zu 100% ausgebildeten Besatzung mit Norm-und Neuen mit eingebauten Modulen vertraut Machen. Für JEDES Fahrzeug Sind Verfügbare Geschütze, Türme, Motoren. Blitz VK 16.02 Leopard - read more about VK 16.02 Leopard, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and androi

Since a Leopard is a tier 4 tank, so I know I'm up against between tanks from tier 1 to 4. This understanding is important, so now I know this is my round to kick ass - so I'll actually fight in this battle eventhough I'm in a light tank. If I'm somewhere at the bottom, then I'll proceed cautiously, and will probably play a scouting role, coz I know I simply can't hurt a lot of the tanks on. Important advice you can impart on Leopard learners? - posted in Newcomers Forum: Ok, I think i figured out how to play the Indien from this productive session. You play it like you have no balls

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Feb 25, 2021 - Mostly urban combat World of Tanks on the German tier 10 medium tank Leopard 1. The Leopard 1 WoT is the final advancement of medium tank tactics; with speed.. World of Tanks Leopard 1 10.7K DMG 8Kills. World of Tanks Leopard 1 10.7K DMG 8Kills. Saved by. Richtlinien zum Fair Play; Gewertete Gefechte; Turniere in World of Tanks. Automatisches Turnier-System; eSport-Glossar; Standard-Turnierregeln; Stählerner Jäger 2020 ist zurück! Regeln für Stählerner Jäger 2021; Ratgeber zu Twitch Drops; Turnier-Ratgeber; Willkommen, Kommandanten! In diesem Bereich findet ihr nützliche Anleitungen zu einer Vielzahl an Fahrzeugen in World of Tanks. World of Tanks weak spots can be difficult to learn and very time consuming. These weak spot guides here on WoT Guru go into great detail specific weak spots that take into account effective armor values and unlike other places will list weak spots based on both vertical/horizontal angles on armor to get a true value of the armor's effectiveness

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Without another way to balance them tanks like the STB-1 would just be a straight upgrade over tanks like the leopard 1 or AMX 30B. The balancing statistics in Wot are generally reffered to as soft stats and basically include any stat that is not tied to the historical data of the vehicle, these stats include things like hit points, accuracy, reload times, traverse speeds and module health. Leopard 1; Panther 8.8: беззащитная боевая кошка ; Panzer 58 Mutz: ручной Медведь; Легкие танки. Leichttraktor; PzKpfw 35 (t) PzKpfw I Ausf C; VK2801; Spahpanzer 1 C: достойная замена Aufklärungspanzer Panther; ПТ-САУ. Hetzer; Jagdpanther II; Nashorn; Dicker Max - Эй, Толстый!!! Sturer Emil; Pz.Sfl. IVc; E-25: че Player Taugrim created an interesting series of videos, called Road to Unicum. He is a skilled player, but that's not the most important thing here. What is important is that in them, as he plays, he explains what exactly is he doing and why with his calm voice. It's not a guide for TOTAL newbies, you are expected to understand at least the basics, but I still find it pleasant to. ESL Play is the world's largest independent league for esports. Established in 1997, we're proud to be the home to those who love competitive gaming World of Tanks - How to Play the Škoda TVP T 50/51. 141 . بارگذاری ویدیو . 141 . ورود یا ثبت نام. صفحه نخست. دسته‌بندی‌ها. سریال و فیلم‌های سینمایی. گیم. ورزشی. کارتون. طنز. آموزشی. تفریحی. فیلم. مذهبی. موسیقی. خبری. سیاسی. علم و تکنولوژی. حوادث. گردش

In short, if you want to improve any crew by 1 whole skill, the girls will get there faster no matter how experienced the male crew is. However, I would not suggest replacing a 4-skill crew at all, while a 3-skill crew should only be replaced if you believe you can get the girls to 5 skills. Check your average XP at your tier 10 tanks to see how many battles you'll need. Replacing below-3. Tanks Owned: ~200+, Premiums Owned: 95%, Tier X's: E100, FV215b (183), JgPz E100, Leopard 1, Maus, Object 268, T62A, T110E3, T110E5, T110E With the Leopard 1 (1965) and now the AMX-30B (1966), there is no reason that they can't put in the M60A1 with it upgradable to the A2. The M60A1 is 1963. While the M60A2 is 1972, they already have the 152mm gun-launcher on the T49; so, put it on the M60A2. Iron_Tsunami on January 30, 2015 at 2:48 am said: WG - No, because fuck you. Leedar on January 30, 2015 at 6:42 am said: No.

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A blog about World of Tanks from a WOT enthusiast. We'll talk about different styles of play, tips and tricks, helpful resources and whatever else comes to mind. Search. Search This Blog Posts. 3 thoughts about 3 maps on May 16, 2021 Cliff Live Oaks Serene Coast + 0 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; SnapShot: Daily Deals on May 14, 2021 Events + 0 Get link; Facebook. Modern wot, excellent - posted in The Mess Hall: PrezBillClinton-x, on 27 April 2021 - 01:35 PM, said: Yes the silver costs were high right after 6.0, but WG did address this with multiple silver ops soon after. I am sure they will do it again after hearing feedback. Id rather they just, ya know, fix the actual values or listen to the supertesters who said costs were too high in the first place death of wot console - posted in The Game Room: so my dear comrades battle-brothers and dear friends. why is it so? why am saying that wot is dead? cuz of accuracy buff? no 1 we have literally 5 maps to play in 2 players no longer play the game as they should you see heavy tanks medium line - you see light tanks in heavy line pushing and dying in 30 sec leaving the team without vision - you. Player Skills If you can not penetrate your shots you wont be of much use to anyone. In this guide we will go through what you need to know and how to find the.. Oct 15, 2017 - Download wallpapers World of Tanks, WoT, Leopard I, German tanks, online games for desktop free. Pictures for desktop fre

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2020 (1147) tháng năm 2020 (2) tháng một 2020 (1145) 2019 (1286) tháng mười hai 2019 (1284) fortnite epic games Nuclear Chemistry: Half Life; fortnit Leopard 1: 6200 Damage , 4 kills - WOT BLITZ - Subscribe for more replays!!!Submit your replays at: lastknight265@gmail.com - check About for more details.!medals received:top gun,high caliber,mastery.p.. Claus Kellerman. Gefällt 2.662 Mal · 49 Personen sprechen darüber. My Patreon Page; https://www.patreon.com/ClausKellerma Kentucky Kurt #1 Posted 20 May 2014 - 04:58 PM. Corporal . Players 3090 03-25-2014; How do you reload a multi-shot magazine without wasting the rest of the ammo? I used to know but went to play my light tank the other day and I seem to have forgotten. Back to top; RayniusMaximus #2 Posted 20 May 2014 - 05:02 PM. Captain. Players 28516 battles; 1,371; Member since: 02-13-2014; Right on the. The Leopard 2A4's kinetic protection is reasonable, with the turret cheeks near-invulnerable to all but the most powerful rounds (e.g. CL3143) and the upper front plate capable of protecting against less powerful rounds (e.g. M735) - however besides these sections the remainder of the vehicle is largely vulnerable to high-powered kinetic rounds; of note are the weak lower front plate and the.

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